Friday, November 12, 2010

A Temp Job

This is not my post you are seeing.  I mean, it’s a post, but it’s not a real post.  My real post today is somewhere else.

My blog friend Miley of Musings of a Confused Woman is taking a small sabbatical to try to get her shit together concentrate on some pressing personal issues and for some inexplicable reason, she asked me to do a guest post.  If she’s turning to the likes of me for material, you can tell just how far in the dumper her life must be right now.

Never being one to pass up a chance to plug my low-rent blog all over the Internet help out a friend, I agreed.  So this morning, you can find my latest brain droppings by clicking here.  OK, maybe it’s not my latest… it is, after all, a reconstituted reworking of a couple of old posts from back in the dark days, when no one knew I was defiling the Internet.  It’s now a well-reasoned, thought-provoking “think” piece on how vegetables are evil.

I know, I know, it’s blasphemy to defame an innocent food group that way.  But it could be worse… I could be posting shit like this:

Completely unrelated note:  Yesterday was 11/11.  I love that date.  Next year it’s going to be even better.  But yesterday, I leapt at every opportunity to write the date on stuff.  You can do it really fast… it’s like you’re counting to 5 on a tally sheet.

Yes, I am, as I often admit, easily amused. 

Now go click to Miley’s site and read my goofy shit over there.



Miley said...

Thanks again!! You totally rock :)

Anonymous said...

"You can hang out with all the boys..."

Mary Ann said...

So now you're an art lover. Who are the three dudez in the foreground?
I trust Miley's readers are carnivores.
You probably would have loved broccoli if it had a mask and cape and was called Bat Cabbage.
Actually cauliflour does have he taste and texture of ear wax. You are right to avoid it.
There is not now nor ever has been a good reason for eggplant except its color which sounds much better in French.

red pen mama said...

You think you like 11/11: Flora? Born 11/11 at (no shit) 11:11 p.m. Play that number, kid!

bluzdude said...

Thanks! I hope you get some good clicks out of it. It was the best I could do, without promising LSU Boobs. Although maybe I should have offered “Buckeye Nuts.”

That picture slays me. I’ve had it in the “archives” for ages, looking for the perfect way to use it. Unfortunately, it never arrived so I just tacked it on here.

Mary Ann,
That’s just a picture I found somewhere… probably emailed to me some time ago. As I told Bagger, I’ve been sitting on it, waiting for an opportunity to post.

Miley is located in Texas, so I think it goes without saying that carnivores predominate.

There is nothing you could have called broccoli that would have made me like it. As the saying goes, “You can’t polish a turd.” I’m just thankful you and Dad finally gave up on making me eat it by the time I was in 4th grade. Got tired of my gagging at the table, I suppose. “Can’t like it, Mom.”

That’s right up there with Sidney Crosby being born on 8/7/87. So when Flora starts playing sports, she’s going to be #11, right? A little dark-haired Jordan Staal wannabe…

Cassie said...

11/11! Make a wish!

bluzdude said...

I don't get it...

Mrs. Bachelor Girl said...

I showed The Guy the photo, and he did NOT want to laugh, Bluz. He really did not.

But you know he did. Blasphemy is funny!

"Blasphemyyyyy! And blas for youuuuu!"

bluzdude said...

Mrs Bachelor Girl,
But I’m sure he felt unclean afterwards…
Remember, sacred cows make the best burgers!