Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tis the Season for Yumminess

This post would have made a lot more sense two weekends ago, but sometimes blog life just doesn’t cooperate.  Other posts that just couldn’t wait wrestled their way out of my brain first.  But since the post-it note with tidbits for tonight’s intended post is still sitting on my desk at work, and my memory is like a sieve anymore, it’s time to go the well.

Our daily paper runs celebrity birthdays every day, right above the crossword puzzle, so I always see them.  I couldn’t help but notice that from 11/19 to 11/22, there was a string of birthdays belonging to a half dozen hot ladies from my age group, more or less.  It made me wonder what the hell was going on in February in the late 50s to early 60s, that’s for sure.

Here are the birthday girls:

November 19:
Jody Foster, 48

I always thought she was smokin’ hot since she was a teenager, even if I still think of her as “Clarice” half the time.

Meg Ryan, 49

Meg defined “cute” for an entire generation.

Allison Janney, 51

I know, not your typical glamour girl, but I always loved CJ Craig (her character on The West Wing).  Plus, she’s like 8 feet tall and I like that.

November 20:
Bo Derek, 54

Good God, when the movie “10” came out, it stood my buddies and I on our ears.  I hated the braids, though.

November 22:
Mariel Hemingway, 49

She was hot in every B-movie she ever did, which was all of them.

Jamie Lee Curtis, 52

I don’t care if she only surfaces in Activia commercials and in the crowd at Dancing With the Stars.  I’ve been in love with JLC since her first movie, “Halloween.”  Then between “Trading Places,” “Perfect,” “True Lies,” and every other movie she’s ever done, nothing but hotness.  Sadly, all I can do is wait for Christopher Guest to die, so I can move in.

So is it me, or is it just weird that all these hot stars had birthdays over the same weekend? 


Marie Nicole said...

Wow. Jodie Foster looks great! And February was a cold month, lot's of snuggling, so of course there'll be lot's of babies 9 months later!

bluzdude said...

Miss Nikki,
Yes, but all the babies that grew up to be hot? What the hell was in the water? Was there a meteor shower or something?

Cassie said...

Is it just me? Or can you see Jamie Lee Curtis's left nipple?

Jessica R. said...

Ha ha ha Cassie. You are so right on that one. But I have to agree, all those women look amazing!

DG said...

I LOVE that all these gorgeous women are over 40 - gives me hope. Although, Meg Ryan needs to lay off the lip plumper - she looked better before.

Anonymous said...

I've always been a huge Jodie Foster fan. To me, she is the epitome of a smart, independent woman. Great choices!

bluzdude said...

Oh my. Thanks for, er, “pointing” that out. I completely missed it. But in my defense, I have to say that JLC has always been more to me than a (exquisite) set of knockers, meaning that’s not the first place I look.

I’ve adored her since the first frame she was in, in “Halloween.” (sigh… yes, I know you weren’t born yet when it came out…) I would have kicked Michael Myers’ ass to save hers, especially when it was tightly wrapped in those high-wasted jeans.

Maybe that should be my new mission: to promote the yumminess of 40 or 50-something actresses. Starlets come and go… these fine ladies just get better! (notice that I tried not to use old “younger” photos.)

I’ll say this about the current Meg… there are some really scary shots of her floating around. Suffice to say, when shots of you are found on celebrity-surgery-gone-bad websites, you’ve passed your freshness date.

She certainly is. And she makes such bold choices with roles, too.

Mrs. Bachelor Girl said...

Totally agree. Everybody on this list is smokin'.

(But Jodie Foster's my favorite.)

bluzdude said...

Miss Foster seems to have quite the fan club, I see.

sherry stanfa-stanley said...

Well hell, we're all Scorpios, of course we're hot!

Wait, you mean to include me, right?

Judie said...

Who can forget Bo Derek in "10"!!! Rod loves that movie. I personally think that Val Kilmer used to be hot, but NOT ANY MORE!

Burgh Baby said...

It's weird. Definitely. Although, I don't think I could count JLC in the hot list now that all I can think about when I see her is the fact that she needs yogurt to help her poop.

bluzdude said...

Of course I meant to include you. I just couldn’t find your picture on the Google.

If you like Val Kilmer, you should check out his first movie, “Top Secret.” In addition to having a very young VK, it’s hilarious. It was made by the people that did “Airplane” and it’s made in the same vein. It’s a spoof of Elvis movies and WWII movies. Like “Airplane,” it’s nothing but wordplay and outrageous sight gags.

But if you don’t like that kind of thing, you can just stare at Val, as he plays the Elvis-like character.

One of my favorite bits (that I can write),

Hillary: Hi, I’m Hillary. It means ‘she whose bosoms defy gravity.’
Nick: I’m Nick.
Hillary: What does that mean?
Nick: I don’t know. My dad thought of it when he was shaving.

Burgh Baby,
I’m aware of the off-putting nature of the whole Activia thing, but still, my love for her is such that I would personally volunteer to hand feed her as much yogurt as she pleases, and wait patiently outside the loo until she emerges to reward me greatly.

Sigh. Wait, what were we talking about?