Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Meet The Burghers

If you’re not reading this from the Pittsburgh area, you should probably just come back for the next post.  I give you my humble apologies.

If you are reading this from Pittsburgh, then do I have a proposition for you…

My parents are having a 50th anniversary dinner on a Saturday at the end of this July, so I will be taking my real life self to The Burgh.  And I got to thinking…

What am I going to do with that Sunday

Oh, I know… Try to get together with my Pittsburgh Blogger Friends!

I always feel so left out when I read about people getting together in real life.  I always think, “If I only lived in Pittsburgh…”

So now, here I am, coming to Pittsburgh with time enough work something out so that maybe I can actually meet some of you fine people, shake your hands and share some food, drink and bawdy stories. 

With that said, please allow me to unveil:

You wouldn’t believe how many places, in the area I’m going to be in, that are closed on Sundays but I finally found one that looked good… Anthony Jr’s on 5th Avenue in Coraopolis.  Click the link for more info on the place.

I’m told they have a good fish sandwich and if you’ve read my Pittsburgh travelogues before, you know how much I love a giant hunk of fish.  And fries.  And beer.

Anyone who is reading this and can get there is welcome to come… the more, the merrier!  Bring the family, if you wish, as long as they don’t mind a bunch of writers sitting around yappin’.  I only ask that you let me know, so that I can arrange sufficient space with the restaurant.  You can either leave a comment or email me directly at Tncave40 at hotmail dot com. 

I hope to see you there!


  1. You shall see my smiling face, darlin'. Looking forward to it! Just, for god's sake, don't let me forget. I'm super looking forward to this! WOO WOO!

  2. I will be sure everyone who is interested is reminded. I'll probably email my cell number to those planning to attend, so we can handle any issues that may arise after I'm out on the loose. Will also be seeking head-count as The Day draws near.

    I'm looking forward to meeting you, Cass. I need to see those giant fingers for myself.

  3. I'm giving you a maybe lol.
    I dont have a car of my own right now, but if I can steal my moms (omg that sounds so lame!!!) Ill be there.

  4. Yinz bringing up any crabcakes to go with those huge fish sammidges?

    That's too far out for me to commit right now. Even though I'm in Pittsburgh on average once a month over the summer, I never know exactly when. Probably a better chance to run into you around town here locally. Very generous invitation though.

    ...maybe @ Hot August Blues in Hunt Valley? I hear they're trying to book Gov't Mule this year. But somehow I doubt that.

  5. The food at Anthony's is pretty good. You get a lot, and it is always how — service is a touch slow, which matters less if you aren't dining with hungry monsters, er, toddlers.

    That all said: Bluz, you picked the one weekend out of the whole summer I am out of town. Boo on you!

    You know, it just means you have to come back. And forget a little family restaurant in Coraopolis; we'll go to Bocktown!

  6. should be always "hot" not "how". Der.

  7. Count us in, bluz! What a great idea and an opportunity to actually meet other bloggers. Can't wait!

  8. Mr. and Mrs. Carpetbagger will be there with bells on. Hope the fish is fresh from the Mon.

    The social event of the summer!

  9. Erin,
    A lot can happen in 4 months, you never know. So I’ll take the “maybe” for now and check back with you later.

  10. Dog,
    So maybe you’ll be in town, who knows? If so, c’mon down!

  11. Wormy,
    Oh, that’s fantastic! Full Bitchery on hand! Watch out, Coraopolis…

  12. Red Pen Mama,
    As you know, I’m so disappointed that the timing worked out the way it did… after all it was YOU that planted this idea in the first place. I’ll be back again, probably in the fall, we can try again then.

    I saw a couple of online comments about the service, but figured we won’t be in any rush. (As long as the beer keeps flowing!)

  13. Cherlocks and Carpetbaggers,
    This is fantastic! I’m thrilled at how many people want to get together. This is going to be a real Wild Rumpus!

    Now I just have to find a way to kill the time between now and the end of July!

  14. I think we all are now, Ginny.

    Like I said above... the tough part is going to be waiting until 8/1.

  15. What, and leave FLA just when hurricane season is getting cranked up?

    Sorry, Bluz, but unless somebody dies (always a possibility...) or somebody has a baby (not that I've heard of...), I'll be back in June for a wedding, but not on Aug. 1.

    Yinz kids have fun n'at.

    Mmmmmm, fish sammiches......

  16. Dick,
    Bummer, man… Ya sure ya don’t “Wanna get away?”

    What’s a $200 plane ticket, when in return you get a Pittsburgh Fish Sandwich and the company of your esteemed Burgh-based colleagues?

  17. Be sure to red up after all dem sammiches n' nat.

  18. Not that you should be gettin' all nebby abaht it...


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